Braeswood Mission International Ghana (BMIGhana) started in 2004 when an American couple (Mr. & Mrs. Thurston) came to Ghana and started helping out a few needy and deprived children that they come across. In 2007 they had to go back to the United States but they still continued with the vision of helping the needy and deprived children in the Ghanaian society. In 2010 a group of young men who shared in the same vision and spirit decided to reach out to the wider society and help more needy and deprived children amidst growing concern over the ever increasing number of needy and deprived children in Ghana. These young men, with the help of the life patrons (Mr. & Mrs. Thurston) dedicated their time and efforts to help more and more children in need, and this led to the full formation of Braeswood Mission International Ghana.


Braeswood Mission International Ghana is to help every needy and deprived child in Ghana get educated or learn a skill training that will help them have a secure and responsible future.


Braeswood Mission International Ghana is to help eradicate needy and street children in Ghana by absorbing all of them into Braeswood and other similar organizations.